Emr Systems

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EMR Systems
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In 1994 our health care system started to dramatically changes with the revolution of electronic medical records software system or EMR systems for short. The EMR systems made a new way to documents charts, medical records, prescriptions, and even patient tracking. EMR systems are used all of the health care system such as doctors offices or emergency rooms. Many users of EMR systems consist of nurse, a doctor and a healthcare administrator. Nurses are a big user of EMR systems and rely on it for a number of key elements. Nurses use EMR systems for so many things one key element they use is to document patient records upon arrival such as vitals, temperature, and what the patient’s key complains are on how they are feeling. EMR systems also let nurse know what medications the doctor has ordered for the patient so they can administer the proper medication. Since EMR systems have been in place nurses have reported a better quality of care for patients as well as less frequent medication administration errors. Doctors rely on EMR systems a great deal. Doctors use EMR to chart their patient’s records to read past records to get a detailed medical record to properly treat their patients. EMR systems allow doctors to get fast delivery of lab results, MRI results, and order medications for a patient. They also rely on EMR systems for more security for the patients meaning that the patients are better protected because with the medical records being electronic there is a less likely chance that their records will be lost. Administration systems rely on EMR systems as well. Medical Administration rely on EMR systems to improve their facilities quality of care, maintain a lower cost of health care and improve or keep a higher quality of patient safety. EMR systems are truly important because the improving health care by improving easier and safer areas of health care.

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