Emr Innovations

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  • Published: November 25, 2012
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Case 3
EMR Innovations

Table of Contents
Executive summary3
Introduction& problem /issues identification4
EMR’s product and how is attempting to market4
External Analysis6
RV industry6
RV culture6
Analysis and recode current situation8
Internal analysis8
RVs internal weakness and strength8
EMR Innovations internal weakness and strength9
Marketing Audit10
RV’s Current Marketing Strategy10
Main objective10
Main targets10
RV’s Problems11
Alternative Strategies12
Marketing and distribution of the lock- awn12
Recommended Strategy13

Executive summary

Reynolds are a young couple that transferred their interest over RV’s (recreational vehicles) into a profitable business. Their main objective was to be the “ the supplier of innovative RV products”. Eric Reynolds came up with innovative product called “Lock-Awn Anti-Billowing Device” , he thought that this product would achieve their goal and repaired RV deficiencies. They wanted to market their product through their own company ”EMR Innovations” , so that they believed that they need to specify various fields with different point ;product , customer, money , competitor and “Lock-Awn Anti-Billowing Device” marketing strategies . The report analysis involve the main external and internal factors that would influence their marketing strategy ( SWOT analysis ) . Then analysis the current RV’s strategies and how their plans detail with the marketing variables of product, price, place and promotion ( four Ps of marketing) which are used to attain the marketing plan’s objectives and overall strategies. There are three variables distribution channels ( direct and in direct ) according to their alternative strategy. Than recommended strategies.

Introduction& problem /issues identification
EMR’s product and how is attempting to market

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