Emr Innovation for Rv's

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  • Published: February 8, 2012
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Raul Melendez
RV EMR Innovations case

1. Succinctly describe the real product that EMR is attempting to market * Eric Reynolds and Mary Reynolds are a young couple that formed their love over RV’s (recreational vehicles) into a profitable business. In 1995, the Reynolds opened an RV repair business out of their home and by 1999 the business was large enough to allow them to open their own shop in Amana, Iowa. On 2002, Eric Reynolds came up with innovative products that helped or repaired RV deficiencies. They though that one of their products, called the “Lock-Awn” antibillow device for RV patio Awnings, showed great potential for future investments. Thus EMR innovations were developed with the potential Lock-Awn product to market.

2. Prepare your best SWOT analysis of the year on this company

Internal | Strengths:| Weaknesses:|
| -Most RVs suffered from design Flaws on patio awnings-Patio awnings are standard equipment on virtually all RV’s -More affordable prices compared to competitors -Their products are better in appearance, ease of installation, and ease of operation than competitors -Targets all segments that own RV’s | -Does not have a well formulated business or marketing plan -High costs to produce, distribute, and promote their product -EMR is just an idea and not formulated into any type of organization-The owners did not attend college so they lack the necessary knowledge to develop, manufacture, and sell a new product -No marketing nor promotion strategies developed. -Most people solve the patio awning problem themselves | External| Opportunities: | Threats:|

| -Sell their product as a mail order product-Attract individual dealers from the workcampers group -Use an established distributor that already sold RV accessories, such as Camping World (largest RV after-market retailer)-Promote product in the networking groups and forums for the RVs -Provide the product to the customers in the owner’s RV repair...
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