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  • Published : July 19, 2011
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June 7,2010
Diane Nelson Mott


My change will focus on a small hospital that will be implementing Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Before implementing this change the leadership will exam why it is important to move to EMR and what issues will need to be considered as they plan to implement EMR. To properly execute the EMR change, the hospital leadership will have to examine the barriers, identify factors that may influence the implementation of EMR and identify factors that my influence readiness for the implementation of EMR. The leadership will also explore the internal and external resources available to support the implementation of EMR at their hospital.

The Chief Executive Officer and President of St. Mary’s Hospital is Sara Greene. The hospital is located in Forest MO. Forest is approximately 150 miles southwest of St. Louis MO; therefore, St. Mary’s is the major medical center for that area. St. Mary’s has 95 beds and 350 employees. Forest MO has just over 1000 citizens in the town. It is a major employer for Forest MO and all of the neighboring smaller towns.

One for the first things President Greene did before implementing EMR was to explore the psychology of change in small collective groups. Upon her research she tumbled across Mcclelland’s Three Needs Theory. The premise his theory was that change will be affected if achievement, power and affiliation were all intertwine. President Greene felt that Mcclelland’s Three Need Theory was in direct relationship with her upcoming task and would be a good model for her to review when implementing change at St. Marys’. After all, she was married to the new mayor and has already begun feeling the pressure of the Good Old Boy’s network. The Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Lingard, is married to the previous mayor and the current Chief to police. The CNO had been with St. Mary’s for well...
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