Empowerment in Workplace

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Empowerment in workplace


Empowerment is a buzzword in management field. It is a different form of organization from the traditional hierarchy. Many organizations have applied it into their management. Why is it so popular? what are its advantages? Are there some disadvantages in it? What difficulties it will bring to an organization when applied and what’s the solution? in addition, what is job redesign ? what is the association between it and employee empowerment? These are what this paper will answer below.


2.1 people play a significant role in an organization.
people is the core element in an organization. When an organization purchacing its goals, planning, organization, execution and monitoring are needed, but all the activities can not be done without people. People’s attitude, behavior determine the organizational performance. But people are not perfect, they make mistakes. They have both advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, they creative,self-confident, passionate, hard-working, active which are benefit for the organization , while sometimes they are lazy, passive, selfish, disoperative which are hamful for the organization. So management become necessary for an organization,especailly,the human resources management. A effective human resources management should create a enviroment under which the employee are benefits rather than interferences to their organization.

2.2 situation of traditional power structure
In the traditional organization power structure, the managers make all of the decisions, the employee have no right to make decisions about their jobs but to follow the managers’ instructions. This situation have some bad affects to the employee and organization itself. 1. employee can lose interest and passion about their jobs.

Due to no self-determination, employee may feel boring and become passive. They do not contribute enough ability to the work, because they may are doing what they really do not want to do. 2. employee can lose loyalty to theire companies, because they feel treated like a machine. What they want get from a job is not only the salary but also the respect from others. 3.managers may make the wrong decisions because they are lack of detail knowledge related to the jobs which the employee are involving. 4. it increase the management cost while the employee’s potential are restrained. Thus, managers should find a way to maximise the potential of every employee in order to efficiently achieve the organizational goals.

2.3 maslow needs theory
According maslow needs theory, we can find that people have the desire to gain the sence of belonging, respect,fulfillment beside salary from their jobs. The more satisfactory they feel , the more productivity they will create.

2.4 job redesign
Job redesign is a seriese of principles to improve work elements and develop work environment for employees in order to increase the efficiency.it includes job rotation,job enlargement,job enrichment, Sociotechnical and Goal setting. These five principles focus on the different aspects of work: Job rotation: doing different jobs to add varity

Job enlargement: adding more tasks to the job for variety
Job enrichment:making jobs meaningful interesting and challenging Sociotechnical:making the group responsible for the job and balancing the social and technical parts of the job Goal setting:using objectives or incentives to structure the job(hellriegel and slocum [10])

2.5 definition of employee empowerment
Employee empowerment emerge from 1990’ which can be described as giving employees’ responsibility and authority to make decisions about their work without supervisory approval. The power that managers have should now be shared with employees through trust, assurance, motivation, and support. Work decisions and the ability to control an individual’s amount of work is now being relied upon at lower-level management positions (Fragoso, 1999). Groups...
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