Empowerment-If You Were the Boss

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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Workplace Ethics and Expectations

EMPOWERMENT and its impact on organizational success
Danielle St. Pierre


Week 9 Writing Assignment
If you were the Boss......pg 107 of the text. Answer the four questions in at least 2 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman size 12 font. 1. How can you get employees excited about assuming additional responsibilities? Empower and Equip Them! Although my Director of Property Management and I have an extreme personality conflict, I am still able to see through the human flaws and reasons why my Director does what she does. When you get down to the core of ‘her’, I can still see the want to succeed as well as the want to provide education and knowledge for each of her staff, including me. Sometimes, we need to look a bit deeper to find one’s true self! Danielle St. Pierre

Having said this, I thought of Lesson 9.1. The employee is a very important driving force within any company. As a supervisor, one of the main goals would be to empower the staff. Create an educational and thought provoking environment and incorporate team building sessions away from work to provide an eased and relaxed alternative to the rigorous grind of day to day responsibilities. This would be a good start before introducing additional responsibilities to the staff. Once trust is established with the staff, introducing the idea of increased responsibility will be a matter of offering resources to increase their knowledge and skills. This would not be a demand any longer, but it would be a challenge; one that probably would drive the staff to their greatest productivity. “IF YOU WERE THE BOSS”

2. If you noticed employee morale dropping in your department, how would you respond? Sometimes, we need to look a bit deeper to find one’s true self!Danielle St. Pierre If employees’ morale was noticeably dropping in my department, I would first observe what is going on to cause...
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