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Empowered Woman

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  • April 2011
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Julie Phoukeo

Professor Sabir

English 1A 8AM

21 March 2011

Define empowerment using a story from the book, Half The Sky?

Empowered Woman

The operation of prostitution is considered to be one of the most serious global, also the number of prostitution is increasing extremely each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries. Yet there are many who stand against to fight and prevail, which serves as inspiration. But the fact remains that in cultures who deny basic rights to women the women are treated as if they are lower than animals despite the fact that the economies of these cultures would benefit from their hidden talents. In third world countries, “prostitution has been a serious problem for many years, mainly due to economic factors and custom such as poverty and employment:

In countries such as Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, the problem is largely confined to urban areas. In India and Japan prostitution is fairly widespread in rural areas as well. In recent years most of these countries have made efforts to control prostitution by enacting legislative measures . . . (Henriques).”

Although these women and girls are treated poorly, there are many who rise out of socially sanctioned oppression, because people like the authors care.

“Half The Sky” is a brilliant book by two experienced journalists, Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. In the book, the authors mentioned a brave woman that is a truly a good example of an empowered woman. This particular woman waited patiently for a chance to help herself out of a horrible and unforgettable situation. Her patience was one of her powers in battling against these slave trades. Her named is Meena Hasina was an Indian-Muslim girl who was kidnapped by sex traffickers at the age of nine. She was from a poor family who lived near the border of Nepal. She was sold to a low caste tribe called “The Nutt Clan.” She was forced to...

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