Emplybillity Skills

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Determine own responsibilities and performance

As a HR Manager my responsibilities might slightly differ from other organisations. They include basic functions like managing employees and delegating responsibilities, but their role is much larger.

The responsibilities and performance that I require to tackle the challenges are: Recruiting
* An HR manager is responsible for creating recruitment and selection strategies that seek applicants for possible employment. Strategies vary depending on the organization, but are not limited to internal or external processes that find potential employees. Training and Development

* Managers implement training efforts that teach an employee job related skills. They provide development opportunities that teach employees new skills to meet the challenges of new jobs or processes at the company. They also assess training needs, create training curriculum and determine how to best provide training to employees. These training opportunities are for new and current employees.

Performance Management
* Creating effective performance management systems that measure whether an employee's efforts meet organizational goals is a responsibility of an HR manager. They create tools that measure the tasks of the job in relation to the actual performance of the employee. Employee Relations

* Keeping employees satisfied, communicating information on policies and handling complaints, union activities and questions regarding benefits are all aspects of employee relations responsibilities that fall on the HR manager. Employee relation processes are in place to maintain morale and maintain a positive company image. In the 1970's employment legislation increased and the personnel function took the role of the specialist advisor ensuring that managers do not violate the law and that cases did not end up in industrial tribunals.

Task 2: Determine your core strengths and weaknesses, training needs, communication and evaluate how effective you are against the goals you have set. Strength:

Confident person,
Quick learner,
Helpful to colleges and cooperative,
Self motivated,
Can adapt to demanded condition.


Believe people,
I can't work with cunning person and get angry quickly on such person. Training Needs

Training needs can be assessed by analyzing three major human resource areas: the organization as a whole, the job characteristics and the needs of the individuals. This analysis will provide me answers to the following questions:

Where is training needed? What specifically must an employee learn in order to be more productive? Who needs to be trained?

Begin by assessing the current status of the company how it does what it does best and the abilities of my employees to do these tasks. This analysis will provide some benchmarks against which the effectiveness of a training program can be evaluated. My firm should know where it wants to be in five years from its long-range strategic plan. What I need is a training program to take my firm from here to there.

Second, consider whether the organization is financially committed to supporting the training efforts. If not, any attempt to develop a solid training program will fail.

Next, determine exactly where training is needed. It is foolish to implement a companywide training effort without concentrating resources where they are needed most. An internal audit will help point out areas that may benefit from training. Also, a skills inventory can help determine the skills possessed by the employees in general. This inventory will help the organization determine what skills are available now and what skills are needed for future development.

Human resources managers can increase the performance of employees through the use of goal setting. Goal setting establishes clear goals for employees and firms to achieve. This can lead to increased performance at...
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