Employment Selection and Training

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Employment Selection, Training & Development

Melinda Hillman

HRM 420

January 28, 2013
James Zaccaria

Clearly identify the case examples you are using

One task that is most difficult for many employers is finding the right person for any job within the company. Some companies work with some sort of interview guide and just trust their instincts. There are 4 certain keys that companies may use in the selection process such as:

1. Job Compatibility
2. Skills, Knowledge, experience
3. Work Ethic
4. Retention
In this paper I will identify two different types of employment selection processes, purposes of these selection processes, minimize risks, etc. Screening
This selection process is the most common that many companies use which is considered the screening/interview process. This selection process starts off by posting ads in a magazine, newspaper, and/or web. Many high profile companies would request an interview; perform a resume evaluation, or pre-screening processes. If there are still so many potential employees, the employer may want to call some of the higher qualified ones in for a second interview. Referrals

Many employees within a company may know some individuals who are more than qualified for a certain position. An employee may know some candidates from a past job or even friends or family they know work very well within the opening position. This can also make their learning curve much easier because they have an inside source to help them along the way. There are some drawbacks that could happen when using this method because there could be a poor referral, meaning the friend could be an unsuccessful hire (“Ehow Money”, 1999-2013).

Identify the purpose of each selection
The purpose for screening employees during the hiring process is to generate fewer candidates that meet the qualifications for the open positions. This process is very important in attracting, identifying, hiring,...
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