Employment Rights & Responsibilities

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Employment Rights & Responsibilities

As a new employee, the first course of action before commencing in your new job is to sign an employment contract specifying the laws relating to the conditions of work you must abide by. These laws cover aspects specific to your placement, such as the wage you receive, the hours you work, training and your holiday entitlements. You will also receive information to read and sign declaring your acceptance of the rules concerning legal matters, including such topics as health and safety, discrimination in the workplace, redundancy, dismissal, disciplinary procedures, union rights and consultation. These are just some of the many laws that may be covered in your contract. It is also important to remember that employment laws may differ in different countries; therefore a law that was registered by your previous job may not be applicable in your new workplace if you have recently moved.

Although there are many features of current employment legislation, there are three main areas in particular covered by the spectrum of employment law in the UK. These are your employment rights, the equalities and discrimination law and the health and safety legislation. These exist to maintain the enforcement of human rights in the workplace protecting both employer and employee from the risk of allegation against themselves, with regards to the pay and conditions of work performed. This covers many aspects from age requirements, to maternity leave, and even safety standards. In turn, this supports all parties involved, aiding in the prevention of risk, injury and exploitation, through direct discrimination.

There are many sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights, most of which you can find in and around your setting from your date of enrolment which will be permanently available to you upon request.

On entering into contract with a company you should receive an immediate induction to your environment and work place, obtaining a staff handbook. This outlines what to do in case of an emergency, and introduces you to the policies and procedures in the case of absence due to sickness or holiday leave.

You will be able to find information such as your hours of work, standard wage, sick pay, holiday entitlement and staff hierarchy in your contract of employment. This should also contain your job description with full duties and responsibilities along with instructions of what would occur if you should be dismissed and how many weeks’ notice you should give your company.

You should also be able to obtain your settings policies and procedures documents from your supervisor similarly, containing information on what to do covering every eventuality. This is put in place to ensure consistency throughout these situations. For instance, just some of the occurrences this may cover would be the anti-bullying policy, accident and illness, what to do in the event of a lost child case scenario, health and safety, allergy and safe guarding policies.

My pay statement contains information about the amount of gross wages I earn before any deductions, but it also shows me the individual amount of any variable deductions I will be receiving. Alongside this it shows the total net wages after any due subtracted taxable income, and the amount and method of payment for any partial payment of your wages you have or will be having; such as any figures for cash separate from the amount you have credited to your account, or accounts.

Additional information may be included on my statement which my employer is not required to provide, but may decide to include anyway. This could be my personal details, showing my national insurance number, tax codes, linked to the amount i should be paying in accordance to my personal circumstances, my pay rate, whether it be monthly or weekly, and any additional payments that have been awarded over time such as...
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