Employment Rights and Responsabilities

Topics: Employment, Minimum wage, Discrimination Pages: 5 (1814 words) Published: February 6, 2013
1.1 The aspects of employment covered by law are: health and safety(1974), disability discrimination act(1995 amended in 2005), the day care and child minding regulations(2003), Data protection act, sex discrimination act(1975 amended in 1986), the race relations act (1976 amended 2000 and regulations 2003), equal pay act(1970,1983,2010), working time directive and working time regulations (1998), national minimum wage act(1998) and the employments rights act (as amended by the employment regulations act (1999 and he employment act 2002 and 2008). 1.2 HEALTH AND SAFETY (1974): It is your employer’s duty to make sure that you are protected from any risks and dangers which could occur in your work place. DISABILITY DISCRIMINATION ACT(1995,2005): Provides legal rights for disabled people in areas such as employment and education. THE DAYCARE AND CHILDMINDING REGULATIONS(2003): They set down minimum standards covering a number of areas. Registered providers have to meet ratios of adults to children. DATA PROTECTION ACT (1998): Protects the personal information that organisations hold about people the information must be correct, must not be used for any other reason except the reason it was collected for, must not be passed on without permission and must not be kept for longer than necessary SEX DISCRIMINATION ACT (1975,1986): Employer must not treat men and women differently if they can not show a good reason for doing so. THE RACE RELATIONS ACT (1976,200,2003): Makes it unlawful for anyone to discriminate against anyone else because of race, colour, nationality or ethnic origin. EQUAL PAY ACT(1970,1983,2010): The right to same pay and conditions of employment as some one of the opposite sex where you’re doing the same work. WORKING TIME DIRECTIVE AND WORKING TIMES REGULATIONS (1998): Covers legal hours you can work minimum daily rests and paid annual leave. NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE ACT (1998): Minimum amount per hour most workers in the uk are entitled to be paid. THE EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS ACT(1996,1999,2002,2008): This is a large law that covers many of the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees including; contracts of employment, right to itemised pay statement, right to time off work, right to time off work for sickness, maternity rights, termination of employment, unfair dismissal and redundancy rights. 1.3 Legislation relating to employment exists to protect you at work; they also protect your colleagues, the children and their parents. These laws also tell you what you are expected to do and how you should behave at work. 1.4 ACAS (Advisory conciliation and arbitration service) is for both employees and employers who are involved in an employment dispute or are seeking information on employment rights and rules. OFSTED Inspect and regulate services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages. They inspect to judge the quality and standards of care. CITIZENS ADVICE help with all aspects of employment rights and can help get further information regarding employment rights and responsibilities. WWW.DIRECT.GOV.UK/PAYANDWORKRIGHTS

2.1 The terms and conditions which are covered in my contract are: my job title(nursery nurse), hours of work(30 per week between 6am and 6pm), holiday, absence due to sickness or injury(must inform manager at least 2 hours before shift starts), sick pay, notice of termination of employment (1 months’ notice in writing), grievance procedure, company rules and the disciplinary procedure. 2.2 The information that is shown on my pay slip is: my name and address so I know it is my pay slip, my national insurance number so I know im paying national insurance for me and no one else, my tax codeso I know how much tax I should be paying, rate of pay how much I earn an hour , pay period so I know how many weeks pay I should get, pay date when I get paid, payment method how I get paid, national insurance table letter,...
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