Employment Responsibilities and Rights

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Employment Responsibilities and Rights.

Task 1 – Statutory responsibilities and rights of employees and employers. List the aspects of employment covered by law.
The main aspects of employment that are covered by the law are. * Minimum wage
* Hours worked
* Discrimination
* Health and safety
* Holiday entitlement
* Redundancy and dismissal
* Training
* Disciplinary procedures
* Union rights and consultation

List the main features of current employment legislation.
The main features of current employment legislation
* Equalities
* Employment rights
* Discrimination law
* Health and safety legislation

Outline why legislation relating to employment exists.

Legislation relating to employment exists to stop exploitation of workers by their employers mainly to protect the rights of their employee’s and to make sure that they have everything they need such as. * Minimum wage

* Safety standards
* Holiday entitlement
* Maternity leave
* Redundancy payments
* Discrimination laws
* Maximum working hours
* Age requirement
All employee’s need to have all good things that protect them from unscrupulous bosses.

Identify sources and types of information and advice available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights. The main sources and types of information that are available to have your responsibilities and rights in are * Contract

* Handbook
* Policy documents
* Terms and conditions
* Job description
You will be able to find any of these within your work place.

Task 2- Awareness of own occupational role and how it fits within the sector. Describe the terms and conditions of own contract of employment. A contract is between at least 2 people or organisations, so an employment contract is between YOU and your employer. The terms and conditions of my own contract is telling me the time I start and the time I finish, the salary that I am on, how many months that I will be at the placement for also to make sure that I become aware of the procedures such as safe guarding and confidentiality policies. * Agree the terms and conditions within the work place

* Submit all work to assessor on time
* Attend any training given
* Co operate with my assessor or any other learner
* Make sure I am aware of the health and safety

Describe the information shown on own pay statement.
* Company name
* Salary
* Rate of pay
* Amount got paid
* National insurance
* Payment method
* Payment period
* Date got paid
* Tax code
* Employee number
* Employee name
* National insurance number
* Total gross pay
Describe the procedures to follow in event of grievance.
The procedures you should us for the event in grievance are. * Use informal procedure if you feel it is sufficient
* Discuss the matter with the line manager who will then settle the matter * Your line manager will try to find a solution
* Proposed action will be given in a written note
* A formal procedure will be used if your unhappy with an informal procedure * Send grievance in writing to manager if not possible send to DAVID ALVES who is group HR manager * They will then hold a meeting

* Then a decision will then be made and you can appeal if you are unhappy.

Identify the personal information that must be kept up to date with own employer. * Address
* Phone numbers
* Qualifications
* Bank details
* CRB check/ be honest if committed any crime.

Explain agreed ways of working with employer.
The agreed ways of working with my employer is to know
* What time I start and finish
* How long my lunch break is
* How many hours I work a day/week
* How many days holiday I get
* About the use of mobile phones
* The procedure if I am off sick
* The use of social networking sites
* What happens if I don’t...
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