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Technician requirements in civil engineering works are growing day to day. Builders, Real Estate owners need number of technicians in this area. Hence this course has several advantages that will enable a student to get engaged in any civil engineering work area. 2. OBJECTIVES OF THE COURSE

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 3.

To identify the construction materials required for the assigned work. Know the simple testing methods of cement. Able to take up civil construction works. [Brick works, Cement work, etc.] Know the curing of cement slabs. Can be able to take up sewage repair works.

SKILLS TO BE PROVIDED 1. 2. 3. 4. Able to construct the brick walls as per specifications. Able to fabricate R.C.C. beams, columns etc. Able to take up repairs for various roads [Ex. C.C. Roads, Gravel Roads, etc.] Able to adopt proper curing methods.


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES 1. 2. 3. 4. As an Assistant for Civil Engineer. As a Mason for Construction of different Buildings. Work Inspector for Draftsman Civil in Govt. Departments like R&B, P.R. Fixing and maintenance of water supply and sanitary appurtenances. (Plumber)


Schemes Of Instruction Per Module Theory Module Hours I Total 72 72 Weightage 30 30 Hours 216 216 Weightage 70 70 Hours 288 288 Weightage 100 100 On Job Training Total


Schemes Of Instruction Per Week

Module Modules I/II/III

Theory 6 Hours

On the Job Training 18 Hours

Total 24 Hours


SYLLABUS The syllabus consists of three modules. The syllabus division is as follows:

MODULE: 1 BASICS OF BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Week No. 1. Theory On the Job Training

Introduction about the trade. Different Engg. Materials used for the trade Stones – Rock Classification and examples, characteristics and available places of important stones, methods of quarrying of stones.

Safety precautions about the trade. Identification of different materials and its properties. Requirement of important stones for various Engg. Works – Buildings, Roads, etc. Usage, properties and availability of aggregates.


Bricks – Ingredients of good brick earth, description of manufacture of bricks, classification of bricks Sand – Natural sources of sand, classification of sand, bulking of sand. Cement – Composition of ordinary cement, manufacturing of cement, types, properties and uses of cement, Terra Cotta – Brief properties and uses of earthenware and stoneware. Steel – main properties and types of steel used in building works, market forms of steel - angle sections, channel sections, etc.

Standard sizes and general properties of bricks, tests on bricks – water absorption test, crushing strength of bricks. Sieve analysis for sand, building of sand, percentage of voids in coarse and fine aggregate. Tests on Cement – fineness of Cement, Initial and final setting times of cement, field tests on O.P.C. stacking and storage of cement. Identifying various types of steel rods and calculating the weight of rods per given length, bonding as per drawing, placing, fixing of main, bent-up bars.


Mortar – Definition, purpose types and properties of mortar Concrete – Definition, purpose, preparation of cement concrete. Miscellaneous materials, properties, uses of paints, varnishes, glass, ferrous and nonferrous metals, P.V.C. fittings.

Methods of mixing mortars. Batching, mixing, transporting, depositing and placing of concrete – curing of concrete, Cube Testing. Painting of wall, preparation of glass, doors, fixing of bolts and nuts.



Surveying – Definition, Surveying. Chain Surveying used in Chain Surveying, Chaining. Plane Table Accessories, Methods of Survey.

Principles Of – Instruments Ranging and Survey – Plane Table

Calculation of areas – Triangulation Survey, CrossStaff Survey. Traversing with plane table of a small colony.


Leveling – Definition of terms like datum, elevation, benchmark etc. Dumpy level, Staff – Description....
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