Employment Opportunities

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2.1.1Employment Opportunities

* There are a lot of definitions of perception given by previous researchers and writers who are also interested to make researches about employee opportunities. Employee opportunities can be defined as hires quality people who know and understand the meaning of teamwork.  Individuals who are highly motivated, skilled and service oriented.  People who believe they have something substantial to bring to us on the job.  Experienced in the work force or just starting out when consider a future. (Liberty Commodities, 2000)

* Bruce E. Kaufman (2004) had other definition of employment opportunities. He said that companies want efficient production processes to maximize profit, consumers want efficient companies to maximize value and employees want efficient employment opportunities to maximize their earnings and leisure.

* Christoph Ernst and Janine Berg(as cited in ILO) employment and the quality of employment, decent work, is crucial for poverty reduction and in achieving growth with equity and pro-poor growth.

2.1.2 Opportunities For Career Development And Advancement

* Mooi and Kin (1992) support Skounsun’s (1997) study, which she reported that growing public pressure for greater professionalism in provision of food and beverage manager as well the increasing complexity and diversity in management practices have resulted in a growing momentum among academics and practitioners to discuss future directions and inputs required to produce quality food and beverage manager.

2.1.3 Self Advancement

* According to Carcello et al (1991), some of the blame has been placed on the traditional and possibly outdated, education system that food service major are required to follow. This notion is supported by Porter and Carr (1999), where the findings indicate food service programs are out of step with the changed demands of the food service profession and may leave graduates ill...
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