Employment of Disabled in India Report

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Employment of
Disabled People in India

The aim of the Study was to understand the current scenario vis-à-vis ‘Employment of Disabled People in India’.

Enhancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities is one of the main concerns of the disability sector in India. When one looks at the micro level, it may seem like there has been progress. There is increased awareness amongst Corporate and people with disabilities. There has been pressure on the Government to implement The Disability Act, 1995. Even though there was no law mandating the private sector to employ disabled people, some companies have taken proactive measures to employ disabled people. The picture seems positive! However, the following finding of the World Bank Report ‘People with Disabilities in India: From Commitments to Outcomes’ released in 2007, tells a different story! The employment rate of disabled people has actually fallen from 42.7% in 1991 down to 37.6 % in 2002. According to the employment projection given in the Eleventh Plan, in the Chapter ‘Employment Perspective and Labor Policy’, “58 million job opportunities will be created in the Eleventh Plan period leading to a reduction in the unemployment rate to below 5%. Over the longer period up to 2016–17, spanning the Eleventh and Twelfth Plan periods, the additional employment opportunities created are estimated at 116 million. The unemployment rate at the end of the Twelfth Plan period is projected to fall to a little over 1%.” There is a wide gap between the employment rate of people with and without disabilities in the country. Therefore, the above target for bringing down the unemployment rate cannot be achieved without addressing the employment issues of people with disabilities, who constitute about 5-6% of the population. It would require proactive initiative on the part of all concerned to ensure that disability is included in the employment programmes of the Government and the private sector.

This project basically aims:-
* To identify the percentage of disabled keeping in mind the two different aspects (i.e. -employed and unemployed). * Analyzing their current status in terms of education and relating it with the present day requirement of the corporate .

The scope of the project:-
Target group: - Differently abled
Target Area : - Census of the nation as a whole but restricting our focus to “MUMBAI” Data Requirement: -
* Database of NGO’s in Mumbai
* Database of the Corporates

* Investigating & bringing up the NGO’s that would help us to train our target group as per the need of present corporate environment. * Taking into account various government policies that would help us to make the corporates understand their responsibility towards the society and the benefits that would be provided by the Government to the corporate under these policies. * Check whether the various formulated policies are already prevailing in the organizations or not? * This whole scope would be carried out on the basis of the database/contacts that would be provided by the organization both of the NGO’s as well as of the corporates. This would finally help us to place our target group in the mainstream.

While reviewing published literature on employment of persons with disabilities, one could find a substantial body of literature on vocational rehabilitation, sheltered employment and, more recently, on issues related to accessing employment in the open labour force. Though virtually no research work has as yet been carried out on employment of the persons with disabilities in public sectors, particularly in the Indian context (Karna, 2008b; Rungta, 2004; ILO, 2003; Mishra and Gupta, 2006; Mitra, and Sambamoorthi, 2008; World Bank, 2007; Abidi, 1999; Devi and Reddy, 2006); whereas the situation is completely reverse in the...
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