Employment Laws

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Employment Laws

HSA 530 – Health Services Human Resource Management

As the Vice President of Human Resources at UnitedHealth Group, I face many challenges and concerns when it comes to equal treatment of all employees and keeping in compliance with equal employment laws. It is important that I be very knowledgeable in all of the laws and guidelines that affect my organization as I have the responsibility to provide leadership, compliance supervision, and provide advice on these laws to all of the employees of UnitedHealth Group. The laws that need to be most closely monitored at UHG are the discrimination laws and Affirmative Action.

UnitedHealth Group is a large organization with over 87,000 employees worldwide. This means my organization employees a large variety of people from many different cultures and backgrounds. This makes staying in compliance with all discrimination laws not only important, but imperative. Some of the most important discrimination laws I need to be weary of is the discrimination of age, race, gender and religion. Historically, the older generation (55 plus) has been concerned with age discrimination, but in today’s society, the young employees are just as concerned. The economy has fallen on hard times, and layoffs are increasing nationwide. Many organizations are becoming weary of laying off well-paid, well-tenured employees due to a higher risk of lawsuits (Mattioli, 2009). To help with this concern, UnitedHealth Group and I have established a type of “last one in, first one out” policy to help combat discrimination in this area. Should layoffs be necessary, they would be decided upon by seniority, rather than age. This policy could also help with the possible perceived discriminations of layoffs by race, gender or religion.

Race is an important discrimination law to be weary of with the vast number of employees from all over the world. All races should have representation within the organization. This will help with the many different races of patients and clients the organization services and ensures discrimination laws are meet nationwide. The same rules apply for religion when it comes to discrimination. Having a worldwide organization means we employ and service individuals of all religion and all should be equally represented within the organization. Gender discrimination is becoming increasingly more important as females are making a bigger mark in the working world and no longer in the generation of “stay at home” moms. Both genders should be equally represented in all levels of the organization.

Affirmative action fits nicely with the discrimination laws regarding race and gender. After all, Affirmative Action involves the idea that our society as a whole should increase the presence of minorities and women in the workforce (Huebsch, 2011). By making a conscious effort to ensure all races and genders are equally represented in all areas of the company, I can also ensure the Affirmative Action law is being followed and my organization is in compliance with this laws requirements.

A job description can be thought of as a sort of “snap shot” of a position within an organization. A well-written description should communicate clearly and briefly the responsibilities and tasks that the position entails while also identifying the key qualifications an individual must possess for this position. A job description for a Human Resources Manager, or any other position, for that matter, should include work activities and behavior, interactions with others, performance standards, equipment and technology to be used, working conditions, supervision given and/or received, and the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and education needed to succeed in this position (Flynn/Mathis/Jackson, 2010). A job description for a Human Resources Manager may look something like the following: Human Resources Manager guides and manages the overall provision of...
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