Employment Interview of R P Sinha

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  • Published : August 14, 2011
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Mr. R P Sinha is a MBA. He is being interviewed for the position of Management Trainee at a reputed company. The selection committee’s is chaired by a lady Vice – President. Mr. Sinha’s interview was as follows :

Committee : Good morning !
Mr. Sinha : Good morning to Sirs and Madam !
Chairperson : Please, sit down.
Mr. Sinha : Thank you (sits down at the edge of the chair, keeps his portfolio on the table) Q. Chairperson : You are Mr. R. P. Sinha
A Sinha : Yes, Madam. This is how I am called.
Q. Chairperson : You have passed MBA with 1st Division.
A. Sinha : Yes, Madam.
Q. Chairperson : Why do you want to work in our organization ? A Sinha : It is just like that. Also, because it has good reputation. Q. Member A : This job is considered to be quite stressful. Do you think you can manage the stress involved. A. Sinha : I think there is too much talk about stress these days. Sir, would you tell clearly what you mean by stress ? I am very strong for any stress. Q. Member B : What are your strengths ?

A. Sinha : Sir, who am I talk boastfully about my strengths. You should tell me my strengths. Q. Member C : What are your weaknesses ?
A. Sinha : I become angry very fast.
Q. Member A : Do you want to ask us any questions ?
A Sinha : Yes Sir ! What are the future chances for one who starts as a management trainee ?

The member tells M. Sinha the typical career path for those starting as Management Trainee. The Chairperson thanks Mr. Sinha. Mr. Sinha promptly says in reply, “you are welcome,” and comes out.


1.Do you find Mr. Sinha’s responses to various questions effective? Give reasons for your view on each answer given by Mr. Sinha.

2.Rewrite the responses that you consider most effective to the above questions in a job interview.

3.Mr. Sinha has observed the norm of respectful behaviour and polite conversation. But, do you think there is something gone wrong in his case...
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