Employment-at-Will Doctrine

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Employment-At-Will Doctrine

Learning Computer Applications
This employee has to be willing to learn the computer applications. She has to realize that these computer applications are an important tool for her to be able to do her job correctly. She cannot have an attitude where she believes she knows everything and is unwilling to listen and learn. This will not be accepted.

Since Jennifer is a recent graduate, she does not have any real world experience working with an accounting firm. She has to put forth the effort to be as good as she possibly can. Jennifer does not seem to have the determination to want to learn these computer applications. We have to get her motivated, but she has to want the knowledge.

As a manager, the first thing to do is have a one on one sit down with Jennifer. Now, it is time to explain to her that the only way she can continue and be successful at her position is to learn these computer applications. She has not been able to grasp the concept even after months of training. Either Jennifer just cannot understand the computer programs, or the firm is not doing a good job of teaching her how to use the programs.

Everyone deserves a chance. Jennifer would have one last chance to learn the computer applications. If she cannot learn how to use them, the firm will have to terminate her. She has gone through more than enough training to be able to know the programs. If she does not change her attitude and work harder to learn what she needs to know, it is time to replace her.

If in the end the firm has to terminate Jennifer, it will not be without reason. If an employee can’t perform a company has to find a person who can. Good workers do not have to tell their supervisors how great they are. A supervisor can tell who is good based on performance.

Employee Behavior
In this scenario, Jennifer is doing whatever she wants to do and really does not care what anyone else thinks or how they feel. She is being...
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