Employment-at-Will Doctrine

Topics: Employment, At-will employment, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Pages: 4 (1316 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Employment-At-Will Doctrine
Law, Ethics & Corporate Governance LEG 500

Employment-At-Will Doctrine
Skills, Competence, and Abilities
First, I would go back and review all documents recorded during Jennifer’s interview and most importantly her resume. All other employees ‘documents that were hired in the same and/ or equal positions will be reviewed as well. All employers expect to hire the best qualified employeeswho have the right skills, competence and abilities for the job; therefore, the employers rely on theinformation that was given to them by the potential employees. After review all of the information, the next step will be to give those employees notification for the periodically evaluation. This will give the company and the employees a chance to exchange their concerns and/ or suggestions to better the work environment. The company will also have the opportunity to record and compare the employees’ productivity. Most importantly, the company will be able to record Jennifer’s expression in writing. If Jennifer has not made any improvement, I would then express my concern regarding her lack of ability to perform basic computer tasks in writing. This document will also include her expression regarding her ability as “a good worker and a genius” while in fact she is unable to perform simple task in which the company provide a few months of training and support. The training was recorded and signed by all employees who received such services. The exam or test would also be included and documented as part of the training. Moreover, this notification will also include a warning of termination if she continues to show no sign of improvement within the given time. As a manager of an accounting department, my responsibility is to make sure the company provides the best services for our clients especially when it comes to their finances and tax preparations. Jennifer’s incompetence could lead the department into legal situation. After...
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