Employment and T.g.i. Friday

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Getting set for Friday’s success
If you're thinking of applying for a role at T.G.I. Friday’s, you can use this form to help you plan your application. When you're ready to apply for real, go to www.fridoids.co.uk and fill out the online form.

About You
Surname: Forenames:

NI Number
Your employment is subject to the provision of your NI number

Date of Birth: Daytime Contact Number:

Home Address:

Evening Contact Number:

Gender: Male Postcode: Role applying for:


Your Availability Please indicate when you are able to work
Earliest start time Latest finish time When can you commence work with us? Do you have any flexibility in the above details? Are you able to work any hours outside those detailed above? Do you have the right to work in the UK? List the evidence you have to support your right to work. YES YES YES NO NO NO








Your Work Experience

Please provide details starting with your most recent employment. If you have any additional information, please attach a copy of your C.V. Name/Address & Telephone Number of Employer From To Job Title & Responsibilities Salary, Reason for Leaving

If you have worked for T.G.I. Friday’s previously, please indicate when and where

About Your Qualifications/Skills
School/College/University Qualifications From To

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Getting set for Friday’s success

About Your Qualifications/Skills (CONTINUED)
Please provide details of any other skills that you feel are relevant to your application: (e.g. languages/catering skills)

Please detail your hobbies, interests and any clubs or society memberships

About T.G.I. Friday’s
What made you apply to T.G.I. Friday’s?

What do you know about T.G.I. Friday’s?

What do you like about us?

About Your Experience
How do you use your personality and skills in your work?

Why is this successful?

How do you ensure...
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