Employment and L-3 Communications

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  • Published : December 7, 2007
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"Layoffs" A Persuasive Essay
Rather than accept my failure after being laid off, I decided to continue with my education and keep positive while looking for a new job. Layoff is a termination of employment of an employee or a group of employees for business reasons, such as the decision that certain positions are no longer necessary. In most cases a company will buy other companies and they will no longer need double people for a position. So here's the scoop: I got let go. Harding Security and Associates, my previous company was in a cash crunch and I was expendable. But really, it's probably was all for the best. I didn't make enough money there, and I was way overqualified (given better financial resources the job would have evolved to suit me more, but that's a whole another story). I also did not feel like I fit in there with the atmosphere. Plus, and I take this as a sign from God, I checked out some accounting jobs on monster.com and thought I found something interesting. I was devastated one late Thursday afternoon by six little words: "We have to let you go." My employer Harding Security and Associates was forced to cut my position due to a financial crunch, but I was determined not to let this layoff get me down. The loss of income puts an upcoming car purchase at risk, but I am certain I will find a new position in time to complete the deal. Though relatively new to the whole finding a job market, I knew exactly where to turn to find my next job fast – Monster.com. Less than 48 hours after the bad news I had posted my updated resume online and came to an exciting realization. She had found the perfect role for her at L-3 Communications.

I saw the Financial Specialist II ad on my lunch break one Friday afternoon and recollected my thoughts. "My first thoughts were, ‘Wow! That's totally me – I have to get this job!' I've dabbled into accounts payable; I have Deltek Costpoint training and five years experience in the accounting field. My previous...
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