Employment and Orientation

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May 24, 2013

In my paper I am going to be describing my new-hire employee orientation explain why I think these questions are important for a new-hire employee. Why do I think the new-hire orientation is an important process? It is very important for the new-hire so that he/she will know what is expected of them and the rules or regulations of the company that they are to follow. What two benefits of a properly conducted orientation program? The benefits are the new-hire will know what is expected of him/her and you will have an employee that will work hard. If your company did not offer an orientation, describe what you would include for future staff in your position. If my company did not have an orientation I would set down and make out a packet containing important information that the company ask that its employees follow such as the rules and regulations and the rights of all the employees of the company. In this packet I would include quizzes at the end of each chapter for the review and when the packet was finished a test would complete the orientation. This would ensure all the managers and assistant managers that the entire employee’s understand their rights and what is expected of them when they are working for our company. During this orientation I would also offer an insensitive for the employee’s such as clocking in and getting paid for the orientation and would also make it a mandatory requirement to attend and it would be documented in the employee’s file upon completing the packet. I would have a main copy of the packet for all managers and have several copies made for them to hand out for the new-hire to start working on the packet at the first interview and then give them the test at their second interview. I think that with this packet orientation and have a class with the second interview the new-hire will be sure to know what is expected of them and...
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