Employment and Line Managers

Topics: Employment, Human resource management, Management Pages: 3 (955 words) Published: February 21, 2013
In this report I aim to explain why the retention of the HR function in our organisation is essential; to illustrate this I will explain how 3 HR activities support and the organisations strategy and explain 3 ways the HR function support line managers and staff. FINDINGS

How 3 HR activities support the organisations strategy:
Recruitment and selection; is crucial to organisational performance as it is important to find the right people to deliver the right skills and expertise to meet the Company's strategy. Investaco's plan in the coming year is to recruit a Compliance Manager so the Company will no longer need to outsource its compliance work and a further 3 Sales Advisers to increase sales and profits. The CIPD state the following: "Recruitment is not only carried out to fulfill current needs. Recruiters should always be aware of and refer to future plans that have implications for organisational resourcing". As HR Officer at Investaco I have devised and implemented a recruitment and selection procedure which is monitored to ensure it meets current legislation and is non-discriminatory. I deal with all aspects of the recruitment process from defining requirements to taking up references. Without this the Company may not recruit the right people for the job and could hinder the Company's plans for expansion if we do not get it right. Redundancy; is sometimes unavoidable and although Investaco's strategy for the coming year is expansion there is one department (General Insurance) which is simply no longer cost effective to run. Whilst other areas of the business are flourishing the commission per case for GI is so low it does not even cover the employee wages in that department and as a result other departments are having to support GI's departmental running costs. Investaco no longer feel they can keep maintaining these costs; so redundancies may need to be made. As HR officer I look at all aspects of this process and advise our...
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