Employment and Job Satisfaction

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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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Activity One

Reasons why the organisation needs to collect HR data

1) To record contractual arrangements and agreements. Through retaining a copy of the employees contract along with any amendments ensures that there is no confusion in regards to an employee status. 2) To ensure compliance with legal requirements and provide a statutory excuse if required. An example of when this could be required is if an employee working for your company is found to be working in the UK illegally. If you are able to demonstrate that you carried out the necessary initial and annual checks you can avoid a £10,000 fine.

Types of data that is collected within an organisation and how each supports HR practices

1) Customer Feedback - The collection of customer feedback allows the employer to identify any learning and development needs that may be required. It can also be used as a tool for performance management. 2) Demographics - The collection of information in regards to age allows for succession planning should you be dealing with an aging workforce. The collection of information in regards to gender can be important when considering equal opportunities. 3) Recruitment – The collection and analysis of recruitment information helps assess legal compliance in particular monitoring of equality and diversity information. It also provides statistics on success rates of each stage of the process along with how successful different methods of recruitment have proved.

A description of at least two methods of storing records and the benefits of each

1) Manual System - This is the keeping of hard copies of HR records in staff files. Manual filing is low cost and easily accessible. A manual system cannot be affected by loss of power and cannot be maliciously hacked into from outside the company. 2) Hosted Computer Records - keeping records on a hosted cloud reduces physical storage space required along with allowing access to records remotely....
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