Employers Rights and Responsibilities

Topics: Employment, Pension, Taxation in the United Kingdom Pages: 5 (2121 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Employer Rights and Responsibilities

Task 1
In my employment, one law that covers employments is the Working Time Regulation 1998. As by law when you have worked 6 hours, you are legally allowed 20 minutes rest, that you are entitled to have 11 hours rest between shifts, one day off a week, 5.6 weeks off paid a year, and a limit of 48 hours a week, however the worker can do more if it’s their own choice. This regulations applies to all work whether its full time, part time. This regulation governs the hours any works as to find the pattern of work, the holidays and the maximum hours worked weekly. This regulation is there to make sure that the workers of a business or company can have a work life balance. Another act that protect people in work is the Equality Act 2010, which basically means that everyone is treated equally no matter what within the workplace and in the wider society. As there is the Human Rights Act 1998 which gives everyone the right to a life, prohibition to forced labour, freedom of expression, the right to marry etc. The Employment Rights Legislations 1996 has many sections included in it, such as the right to statutory pay when on maternity, paternity leave where you can take 26 weeks leave and then take additional maternity leave for another 26 weeks providing that there is proof of the pregnancy. Also there is employment status which has to match the employment law, so their status help determine their rights and their employers responsibilities such has having statutory sick pay. These all come under continuous employment. Your employer needs to make a contract with the correct type as it gives the employee an employment status which helps with tax purposes and hours to work a month. Also under this legislation is redundancy as my law you need to have a notice period, a talk with your employer, time off to find a new job and redundancy pay. Task 2

You can get advice about the employments rights and responsibilities by either the internet, direct gov.co.uk or you can ring up citizens advice bureau, you could go to your employee and they would have a company policies and they would show you your rights and responsibilities, plus you can get your employment contract as everything is stated in there, plus you can ring ACAS and if there is a union you belong to you can go to them and they can help you out.

Task 4
On my wage slip there is the name of the employer so that the hours worked can go to the correct person. Also as a wage slip is confidential, the employers name and address is on the top of the wage slip therefore no one else can open it. The employers name is on their also to stop confusion between everyone’s payslip as every employee works different hours and are on different pay rates due to the qualification and ages of the employee. The employee number is on there so on the date base of the company they can get your record of your address, emergency contact details and the hours worked, or the days of holidays or the days of sick taken. This number is individual to everyone so the records can’t get mixed up. The tax code is on there so you can see the amount of money you are being taxed a month and to make sure they are taking the right amount of tax due to the fact that you could be paying not enough tax therefore there could be asked to repay the tax owed or you could be paying too much tax so you could get a tax rebate (which means the tax overtaken is given back to you by a cheque sent in the post). The national insurance number is on you payslip as that determines your identity to the government so they can see your age, your tax code etc it makes the process of taking tax easier and quicker. Your Net Pay to date is on there as it allows you to see how much money you have earned with that company since you have been working there in the current tax year. Pay before deductions is often called Gross Pay, that is on there so you can see how much money you have been paid a...
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