Employer Branding

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Employer Branding in FMCG Companies
Concept of Employer Branding
Brand Management is a growing trend in many organisations in last decade. Every organization has both an external and an internal brand. However businesses have focused almost exclusively on consumer or external branding initially. This situation is changing in recent times. The external branding is used in securing customer loyalty. However internal branding is an important driver of external brand success. There is a direct link between how the employees perceive the company and how they help the company to deliver the external brand promises. The only way to align their perceptions is to communicate your brand so your employees can understand and know that they share the underlying values. The companies have recognised the need to create an internal brand image to attract, retain and motivate talent within the organisation. Employer Branding is defined as all the operations carried out by a business to create and communicate its own identity to a target group composed of candidates and employees, so that the brand attracts and holds onto these subjects in line with the corporate culture and values.
Figure 1: Functions of Branding

Advantages of having Good Employer Brand
A strong employer brand helps to differentiate organization within an increasingly competitive employment market. By earning a reputation for sustaining the same values internally as the brand promises externally, potential employees are consider company’s intangibles when seeking employment or considering an offer. The brand positioned as a good employer serves as a talent self-selection tool. When an organization’s expectations and commitments are well articulated, the candidate can assess if the organisation is a cultural fit for him/ her. A well-managed employer brand helps design a effective reward strategy and help...
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