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in recruiting Nowadays, the employer will find the worker who had a lot of experienced one compared to the one without experience. Lack of experience and skills are also causes of graduate unemployment. Generally, most organizations prefer to employ graduates with experience. Furthermore, in Malaysia, the private sector today is not interested local graduates because they lack essential skills, such as proficieny in English and interpersonal skills (Nor Hartini, 2007). There appears to be a disparity between what employers require and what skills graduates have. In view of this, the government has implemented several measures to reduce the problem of graduate unemployment. One such measure is the introduction of several Training programmes for fresh graduates. For instance, the Ministry Of Human Resources, through their training agencies, has introduced the 'Unemployed Graduates Training Scheme' in order to equip graduates with certain skills and experience (Chapman, Chew& Tan,2007). The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, likewise, has initiated a programme where established retailers have started recruiting graduate and diploma holders as management trainees. This scheme aims to not only provide employment opportunities for fresh graduate but also to expose them to fields in the private sector other than the ones they specialized in (Chin, 2007). Another measure involves a review of the tertiary education system. Soft skill Development should be incorporated into the education curriculum where students can participate in extra curricular activities to enhance soft skills such as personal qualities, interpersonal skills and, critical and creative thinking (Nor Hartini, 2007). These soft skills should be acquired through participation in extra curricular activities while they are studying for their degrees. A lecturer, for instance, can develop students' skills and knowledge by stimulating their minds with discussions and case studies. According to Nor Hartini, these skills will enable them to communicate effectively, manage relationships, lead team, solve problems and succeed in the job market. Thus, it is evident that lack of skills and experience are the main causes for graduate unemployment. To overcome this problem, the Ministry of Higher Education must ensure that the tertiary education system is relevant and up-to-date. It should continually evaluate the tertiary programs to help produce quality graduates who meet the needs of industries. Also industries need to play their part by providing more opportunities for training fresh graduates while the graduates themselves need to be more open and take up these offers.

2.2 Lack of social and communication skill

Many employers cited lack of necessary communication skills, poor command of English and lack of confidence during interviews had led to increasing number of unemployed graduates. Don said communication skills and language proficiency were best acquired through constant practice. According to the Minister of Human Resources, more than 65% of female graduates in this country are employed because they lack social and communication skills in addition to a poor command of language and low levels of self confidence. He added that many female graduates had achieved excellent academic results but could not secure employment without the relevant skills required in the labor market. The number of unemployed female graduates is also much higher in comparison male graduates (The Star, 2005). It has been assumed that the lack of experience and skills are the causes leading to the unemployment of graduate's. In Malaysia, the private sector today is not interested in recruiting local graduates because they lack several important skills, such as the capacity to communicate well in English, a lack of ICT proficiency, and a lack of interpersonal skills. This scenario reveals that, there is a skills gap between what skills are required by employers and what...
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