Employees Retention

Topics: Employment, Very Good Eddie, Opportunity rover Pages: 3 (420 words) Published: January 4, 2013
1. Name of the employee:
2. Age group:
a) 18-25 b) 26-35 c) 36-45 d) 46-55 e) Over 55
3. Gender:
a)Male b)Female

4.  If you look for a new Job, (in a new company) what will be your preference? a) Career plan
b) Flexible Timings
c) Not improvement in position (Increase in Other benefits) d) Improvement in position

5. How much are you satisfied with the current job?

a)Very high b)Fairley enough c)Moderate

6. Do you have Rewards and recognition for your achievements?

a) Yes b) No If no, Please specify the reason…………………………  
7. Is it important that appreciation for your work by your coworkers and supervisors is necessary?

a) Yes b) No Please specify the reason TO MOTIVAT THEM

8. Are you satisfied with the Facilities provided by the organization good (Cafeteria, Transport and other corporate service

a) Yes b) No 

9. How is your relationship with the Reporting manager?
a) Excellent   b) Very good   c) Good  
d) Poor   e) Worst

10. How do you rate the infrastructure and equipment provided? a) Excellent b) Very good c) Good

d) Poor e)...
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