Employees First: Part 2 ~ Principles of Management

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Employees First: Part 2
1. My impression of the “employees first” is that it will allowed HCL to create a culture that attracts and retains creative and loyal employees. This type of organizational culture is not for every organization. Some employees may find this type of atmosphere too chaotic or they may not see it as customer friendly. Other organizations may not benefit from this type of company culture do to the nature of their company vision and mission. This type of culture can work in organizations that are willing to make changes in their competitive strategy. 2. Mr. Nayar, the CEO of the company has decent ideas about encouraging his workforce to perform. There is no guarantee that all employees will be productive under his attitude of management or attitude toward work. This may be the reason for the high turnover rate of the company. The ‘trust pay’ implemented by HCL may de-motivate some employees who actually like and benefit from variable pay. Mr. Nayar’s philosophies may work well for top level management and not employees. First line managers deal with a different type of employee than top managers. 3. Mr. Nayar appears to be very confident in his ability to control his organization. The CEO and top level management always sets the tone of the organization and company values and goals. If he is able to shape the employees to fit his personality, it will work out just fine for the company overall and increase productivity. 4. The most important things to a company are job satisfaction, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behaviors. The CEO, Mr. Nayar, suggests that the attitudes of employees should be high. A red flag for this company is the high turnover rate mentioned in the case study. A High turnover for any company may be an indication that employees have a low attitude toward the organization and decreased company morale.
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