Employees' Issues in Hcl Axon Malaysia

Topics: Human resource management, Human resources, Employment Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Peripherally, HCL AXON is an excellence organization with increasing sophistication of its information technologies and offer huge scope of business benefits. HCL’s engaging in information systems projects and timely subjects helps yielding substantial achievement and continue to be robust. However, HCL AXON’s branch in Malaysia, HCL AXON Malaysia is actually having a big trouble in human resource management. HCL AXON Malaysia today fall prey to the same basic problems that were apparent all over the years in the organization. Questions have to ask whether organization is learning. Questions must also be asked about the quality of training given to project managers, developers as well as the IT support engineer. The employees are bewildered in a suffocating quandary which consists of rigidity in the Human Resource department, negligence of employees’ welfare, and the lack of employee development. i. Rigidity in the Human Resource department

The HR department shows negligence in updating its information system. For instance, the working contract between a computer technician, Morty with HCL AXON Malaysia is expired in February 2012. Without contract extension, he is still working in the organization and being paid his salary every month until today. In fact, this situation is insecure to Morty because no one guarantees the termination would not descend one day against him. Furthermore, there is another similar example. A former employee, Tom quitted his job from HCL AXON Malaysia in September 2012. However, he was still being paid his salary in the next two consecutive months. After being informed about this case, only the HR department rectified the system. These might caused by the lack of initiation in the HR department towards developing deep awareness for contracting, staffing and recruitment system. They keep running the existing system like doing a daily routine, paying the fixed amount of wages to employees on the...
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