Employee Welfare

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The human resource has immense potential. The role of economic development of any nation depends on the degree of effective mobilization of these resources. India is a developing country. This means that majority of the population belong to the working class. They have to struggle to make both the ends meet. In their struggle for daily living, they loose sight of the individual development, productivity, self-actualization etc.There are certain special characteristics with regard to the Indian labourer, such as coming from villages to city in search of work, being away from loved ones, having to accept work at poor working conditions, low wages, etc. The present scenario in India is that the employers are becoming aware of their workers needs and are taking effective measures to improve their morale and self worth by the various Labour Welfare measures both the statutory and voluntary. The reason being the increasing awareness created globally, by the initiative of ILO, and other organizations, . Safety and welfare measures are inevitable to any organization where workers are involved. An organization‘s responsibility to its employees extends beyond the payment of wages for their services. The employee’s safety and welfare on and off the job within the organization is a vital concern of the employer. Providing a safe and healthy environment is a pre-requisite for any productive effort. This research deals with the study on the welfare measures provided to the employees

“STUDY ON LABOUR WELFARE MEASURES OF KPL OIL MILLS PVT LTD” indents to analyze the labour welfare of employees, which ultimately contribute the growth and development of the KPL Oil Mills Pvt Ltd Irinjalakuda. The areas covered are:- The statutory welfare measures provided by the organisation Non statutory welfare measures provided by the organisation Allowance provided by the organisation

This study would give an overview of the welfare measures existing at KPL Oil Mills Pvt Ltd. Since safety and welfare are two important elements essential for improving the productivity of an organization, a study on the existing welfare measures would help the organization perform better. This study would throw light on the perception of the employees regarding safety and welfare. KPL Oil Mills can identify the areas where it can improve so as to improve the performance of the employees.

Research methodology is a scientific and systematic way to solve research problems. Researcher has to design his methodology. Research methodology deals with research methods and taken into consideration the logic behind the method. It also deals with the objective of research study, the method of defining the problem, type of data collected, methods used for collecting and analyzing data.

Research design: It may be defined as conceptual framework with in with the research is conducted. In this study descriptive design is used. Descriptive research is a research of fact finding. The major purpose of descriptive research is to describe the state of affairs as it exists at present. Sources of data: There are two sources from where data are collected. They are Primary data:

Primary data consist of original information collected for specific purpose. The primary data for this study was collected through a direct survey with the respondents guided by a structured questionnaire. These data are used for analysis Secondary data:

Secondary data consist of information that already exists somewhere which has been collected for specific purpose in this study. Secondary data for this study is collected from various...
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