Employee Welfare

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Welfare is the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens, sometimes referred to as public aid. In most developed countries, welfare is largely provided by the government, in addition to charities, informal social groups, religious groups, and inter-governmental organizations. The work place should provide reasonable amenities for its good working. The betterment of workers conditions must produce more from the employer down rather than the forced up by demand from below. It is also important because the labour is contented. Well housed, well fed, well looked after it is not only an asset to the labour in the country.

Therefore welfare is also fundamentally in the interest of the large society as the health, happiness and efficieny of each individual contributes the general well being of all. The concept of welfare is dynamic in nature and vary from country to country and from time to time and even in the same country depending up on the value system , social institutions, degree of industrialization and general level social and economic development. According to Frederic Engels, “ labour is the source of all wealth it is next to nature , which supplies with the materials that it converts in to wealth but it is even definitely more than this”.


Employee welfare work aims at providing such service facilities and amenities to the workers employed in factories and industries healthy, congenial surroundings conductive to good health and high moral. The aim or objectives of welfare activities is partly humanistic to enable the workers to enjoy a fuller and richer life. The relevant and necessity of welfare work in India ,can be easily realized if one observe pitiable working condition of workers in the country. Stable and effective labour force cannot be build up with an improvement in the condition of life and work in the industrial centre. The development of community and society depends on the development of labour . The importance of labour welfare is beyond the stage is debate and is recognized on as integrate part of industrial tradition in all industrially advances countries. Labour is the vital part of business part of organizationand management , and now a day attach more importance to human angel . Increases the productivity , as well as productive efficiently of the workers and induce in them new spirit self realization . The importance of welfare measures was accept was early as 1931, when the labour commission on labour stated that, the benefits which go under thus nomenclature of great importance workers of which he is unable to secure by himself. Labour welfare is one of the major determinants of industrial relation. Encyclopedia of social sciences defines welfare workers as “voluntary efforts of the employer to establish with in existing industrial system , working and sometime living and cultural condition of the employers beyond what is required by law.

The welfare of labouring classes must be one of the first carriers of every employee. The betterment of workers condition must preceed more from the employees. The work space should provide with reasonable amenities for his essential needs. The concept of welfare and dynamic in nature and vary from country and from time to time and even in the same country depending up on is value system , social institutions, degree of industrialization and general level of social and economic development.Welfare activities are partly humanitarian partly economic and partly civil. It is humanitarian as its aim is providing certain facilities and amenities of life to the workers which they themselves cannot provide; it promotes a sense of responsibility and dignity among workers and to make them better citizen.

According to Frederic Engles, “labour is the source of all wealth; it is next to nature , which supplies its...
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