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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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1. As already discussed in class, the concept of ‘employee voice’ covers different ways of hearing workers’ views. Have a look at the web page for the CIPD factsheet on “Employee Voice”: and particularly the section ‘Mechanisms of Employee Voice’ which helps to explain what it might look like in practice. What is the difference between “upward problem-solving” and “representative participation”? Summarise the CIPD explanation. Its it communication between employer and employee this allows employees to express their opinions this can allow them to raise issues that they may have problems with at work. This is essential as this can help the employer to fulfill employee’s needs and wants. This can help employees feel retained at work and motivated because they feel that they have prioritised consideration at work, which will allow them to work to there highest potential. 2. One example of ‘upward problem-solving’ is the employee attitude survey. Have a look at the discussion of an employee attitude survey, and an example of questions which an employee attitude survey might include. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages might be to an organization of using a survey like this? Think about how you might fill this in if you were an employee. Advantages| Disadvantages|

An employee attitude survey is a specific method of collecting input from employees about their job-related perceptions.| Surveys that are mailed to employees or handed out at work generally get poor response rates.| Identify barriers to efficient work performance; to improve communication among employees and departments; to improve employee morale and productivity; to identify training needs; and to demonstrate management's genuine interest in hearing employees' problems, concerns, complaints and suggestions.| By conducting an employee attitude survey, the board communicates that its ongoing concern for management.| Provide background on current employee perceptions and...
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