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A high employee turnover rate, where talented employees leave the institution to join other legislatures and government departments, has been experienced by the Language Services Section (LSS) of Parliament SA which is part of the Legislative and Oversight Division (LOD). This thesis evaluates why talented employees leave the LSS and explores possible retention strategies to retain talented employees. This was firstly done by reviewing literature on the concept of employee turnover. Secondly, the study evaluated possible factors that impact on employee turnover. Thirdly, the legislative environment of employee turnover within the South African context was discussed. Furthermore, the causes of employee turnover in the LSS of Parliament SA were assessed. Lastly, recommendations were made on how to retain employees in the LSS of Parliament South Africa. The research design used to conduct the study is a qualitative case study. Unstructured interviews, a survey questionnaire and documentation were used for this study. Deductions were made by comparing the theory from the literature review with the practice in LSS in order to gain a better understanding of why talented employees leave the institution and what retention strategies can be implemented to retain them. This study presents various reasons why employees are leaving the institution. These reasons include non-competitive salaries, ineffective recruitment and selection processes, inadequate training, a lack of career pathing and the fact that many language practitioners (LPs) reside in provinces other than the Western Cape. Many of these reasons were identified previously through an LOD Retention Strategy Project but strategies to address problems were not implemented due to the lack of a people-centred approach to talent management. Recommendations were made that retention strategies should be implemented and that more emphasis should be placed on human resources and the development of people in order to reach the core objectives of parliament through happy and well-developed employees.


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1.1 INTRODUCTION How is the retention of scarce skills ensured? One way to retain scarce skills is by understanding the concept and causes of employee turnover. According to Herzberg’s twofactor theory, as cited in Ruthankoon & Ogunlana (2003: 333-341), employee turnover is affected by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. The aim of this paper is to conduct research on employee turnover at Parliament South Africa. The legislation that informs retention and related practices will also be assessed. The Language Services Section, hereafter referred to as LSS, will be used as a case study to determine the causes of employee turnover in the LSS. The analysis of the results will be presented and recommendations will be made with regard to employee turnover. This chapter includes a short background on Parliament and the LSS in particular. The concept of turnover is explained and the rationale, problem and objective of the study, together with the research design and methodology, are discussed. Lastly, an overview is given of the content of each chapter.

1.2 BACKGROUND The mission of Parliament South Africa is to represent and act as the voice of the people in fulfilling its constitutional functions of passing laws and overseeing executive action (Parliament South Africa Annual Report, 2010 (a)). The primary function is thus to smooth the progress of governance by the citizens by means of effective participation, democracy and accountability. Consequently, the key objectives of Parliament are to put into effect legislation, to play a significant role in oversight responsibility and to advance corporate governance (Parliament South Africa Annual Report, 2010).


Stellenbosch University http://scholar.sun.ac.za

According to the Parliament of South Africa Annual Report...
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