Employee Turnover Issue at Beefeater

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Organisation background.
It is not easy to establish where the Whitbread story begins. There are however two dates separated by over 250 years, which may be said to mark the defining event in the company’s history. In 1750 Samuel Whitbread moved his brewery operations to Chiswell Street on Georgian London, establishing the first purpose-built mass – production brewery in Britain. Yet if 1750 marks the appearance of Whitbread as a force in British culture and business, the year 2001 must be considered the date of the company revival. Whitbread is the UK’s largest hotel and restaurant group controlling market – leading businesses in boarding house and eating place sectors. Andy Harrison, who will be Chief Executive Designate of Whitbread PLC when he joins the company in September 2010, has purchased 50,684 ordinary Whitbread shares on 5 May, at 1468.74 pence. The company employs over 33,000 people and give an assistance to millions of customers every month. The Business brands are: Premier Inn, Beefeater, Brewers Fayre, Table Table, Taybarns, Costa. One of the company brands, which I will be looking at, is Beefeater. The bar and restaurants sector was established over 35 years ago. Whitbread has invested in the Beefeater property which has expanded through the years and now stands at 130 restaurant across the UK.


Premier Inn Beefeater Brewers Fayre Table Table Taybarns Costa 130 Restaurants in the UK
North (45) Mid (52) South (33)

Beefeater; Salford Quays – Manchester
The Beefeater on Salford Quays is 18 years old and employs 36 people at the moment – 3 Managers, 2 Team leaders, 1 Supervisor, 9 waitresses, 7 Bartenders, 8 Chefs and one Kitchen Manager. There is a huge variety of people who eat there, from children and young, to elderly and infirm people. Most of our customers are regular consumers but also guests from Premier Inn hotel, which is a part of the company. The organization objectives are self rapid changes and depend of customers requires and management wants. The new short time company goals for our site are: * Renovate the building,

* Increase speed of service,
* Retrain staff and rise restaurant standard,
* Focus on Feedbacks and recommendation,
* Provide to our valued customers prompt and high quality food and service in a friendly and courteous manner, * Reduce customer average waiting time

The situation & why changes are needed
Every organisation faces some issues while launching its services. During my investigation I found staff turnover as a one of the major problem in the company I work for. Turnover is the percentage at which a director obtains and loses employee. Easier method to relate it, is how long employees are likely to stay and work for a company. When staff leaves it can have detrimental impact on a business. This is mainly the example if those remains either are key to its success or do so in view of the fact that they think, the company have treated them unequally and unfair. The restaurant employee turnover need to be lower, because is harmful for the business productivity, customers and team work. 1. Impact on the organization:

* Losing money - Beefeater is a company that has direct contact with customers by serving food and drinks. Employment of new member is associated with an additional training costs ( the time, management spends on training need to be extended and both new member as well as manager must get paid) and drinks or food wastages( resulting from mistakes, or improper use of machinery located in a place of work: coffee machine or beer pump) before the person will know how to generally run the bar or restaurant. * Complaints and reputation – The necessity of employment of new...
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