Employee Training: Various Training Methods

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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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There are various ways to use employee training. There are some that might be better than other ones, depending on what line of work it is. The company can choose the method that they want to do it in. A good thing for management to do is to look at the various training methods and determine which ones will be used.

For some jobs, a different type of employee training is needed. Everyone will not have the same kind of training because of the different jobs that they perform.

Hands on training This training requires the employee to be in person in order to be instructed in doing the work. If the employee works at a health care facility, a factory, or anywhere else that requires them to make use of their body movements, then this employment training would have to be used. They will be able to practice what they need to do and have someone to assist whenever they need it.

Employee study This employee training is made use of to permit employees to read and study the company handbook. The handbook has information regarding how they are to act while they are on the job. It also goes over the history and other things related to the company and the industry that it is based upon.

Internet training Since companies are always looking for ways to save money, some will deliver employee training on the internet. Employees can find the information on the company website or the companys internal internet system (intranet).

This can be a great advantage for employees because you wont necessarily deal with a lot of physical books that you would have to take with you and read. Employees will also be able to test their knowledge of what they have learned.

Group training This form of employee training is similar to having a seminar.  A company representative would be the facilitator, or there may be more than one. The facilitator is responsible for furnishing information about how the employees should perform their jobs. This will be utilized if there are a group...
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