Employee Satisfaction of Robi

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Research Proposal

Employee Job Satisfaction: A Study of Robi

ob satisfaction is defined as "the extent to which people like (satisfaction) or dislike (dissatisfaction) their jobs.
The Research Report is prepared for the course instructor of Graduate program, UITS. This report is prepared as a partial requirement of Research Methodology course. Following the standard procedure and instruction given by the course instructor does this formal report. Basically total satisfaction depends on various aspects; but it varies from different segmentation. As a partial fulfillment of course I have collect the research data in different segmentation. The study will try to assess the effects and consequences of the employee on the Robi upon job satisfaction.

Objective of the study:
The major objective of the research is to identify the various aspects of the Job satisfaction and the relationship between those factors with the performance of employee.

Report objective:
The below mentioned are the other main aims of the research; • What are the major factors affecting the Job satisfaction of the employees? • Does, the external factors influence the Job satisfaction of the employees? • Do the systems & Processes influence the Job satisfaction of the employees?

• Are the employees satisfied with the work environment?
• Does, the employee benefits influences the Job Satisfaction of the employees?
To identify the other factors of Job satisfaction which are being practiced in the other organizations in the Telecom industry?

The research methodology adapted here would be a quantitative research method. The data to be collected would be all the primary data collected using a structured questionnaire, through Survey method. With prior permission and approval from the management and the project guide the questionnaire would be finalized and survey would be carried out.

The base paper was An Empirical Test of Robi job satisfaction and this work is on job satisfaction of employees in Robi. Now this research was to check the level of employee job satisfaction in Robi.

The study will conductive on the employee engaged in this organization. Therefore, for the purpose of the study all employee in Robi would constants of the study.

Sample Size:
In this research paper; data was collected by field survey by using a questionnaire from different department of this organization . 100 samples were floated from various department.

Sampling Unit:
The populations of the study are spread over various departments in different area. But the purpose of the study only employee working in this area. Therefore, only the working employee would be taken as sample units for the study.

Sampling Technique:
Random sampling techniques would be employed to select the respondent of the study from the population.

The sources of data:
the study will collect data from both primary and secondary sources. The employee engaged in different departments will constitute the primary source. Printed published material will be the secondary source of data.

Data Collection Techniques:
The study will utilize multiple techniques to collect primary data related to the selected employee. the questionnaire and the interview techniques will be used to assemble data from the field. The face to face interview techniques will be used to make the questions understandable to the respondents. Both the open-ended and closed questions will be included into the questionnaire.

Data Interpretation Techniques:
The suitable statistical techniques will be used to classify, tabulate and interpret the collected data from respondents of the study.

Presentation Format:
The analyzed data will be presented in a format of thesis. It will contain the following chapters: Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter02: Theoretical framework of the study
Chapter03: Findings and discussion
Chapter04: Problem and Recommendations
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