Employee Satisfaction in Efu Life Insurance

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Letter of Acknowledgement

This report is based on the analysis of employee satisfaction of “EFU General Insurance Limited”. It is our fortune to have personnel of “EFU General Insurance Limited” whose corporation and guidance contributed tremendously to complete this project.

It is our pleasure to have the most valued and respected facilitator Mr. Motiur Rehman. The substance that we have gained during the semester and by assignments from him was an introduction for us in the field of Organizational Behavior, we certainly believe in its function which would be benefited through out our career in an organized manner.

Further more we will like to take this opportunity to thank all the employees at EFU General Insurance Limited for their help and support with they have extended to us during our survey and interviews.

Letter of Authorization

Dated: 22nd April 2007

It is our honor to prepare a report on Employee Satisfaction Report of “EFU General Insurance Limited”, which was assigned to us by our respected teacher Mr. Motiur Rehman.

It was a pleasure creating this report; here we would like to take the opportunity to thank our course instructor Mr. Motiur Rehman for all his support and guidance for our Organizational Behavior course.

Rana Faisal
Khurram Adil Sattar
Tariq Gul-e-Anwer
Nisar Abbas Malik
Urooj Mughal

Executive Summary

The report is prepared on M/s. EFU General Insurance Company Limited. The firm was incorporated in Pakistan as a public limited company and its shares are quoted on all the Stock Exchanges of Pakistan. EFU is a huge company with almost 1000 employees working in more than 60 branches all over Pakistan and enjoys good reputation in the market. In 2007, the company is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee making the 75th year of its existence and become 12.2 Billion company.

The contents of this report indicates the Employee Satisfaction as an integral part of Organization Culture that refers to a system of share meaning held by members so as to distinguish the organization from other organization.

It tells that how the organization is structured and how employees are being treated, trained in order to achieve individual goals so in turn individual goals collectively achieve overall organization goals and target. EFU structure is like family based culture, where every employee is considered to be a member of the family and the concept of boss can’t be seen therein.

The firm is providing number of training programs and workshops to their employees in order to enhance the abilities, knowledge and skills. There is a open door policy i.e. managers doors are always open for subordinates, lowest employees turnover, effective communication throughout the organization and employees are more satisfied and loyal towards the organization.


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