Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law

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  • Published : June 23, 2008
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The information will examine the application and implication of the Family Medical Leave Act and Occupational Safety and Health Act. These two acts are important to both the employee and the employer. The research will show how both the employee and the employer are impacted by these two acts. The research will also examine the employers' responsibilities to these acts. In addition, there will be discussion regarding the protections that this law provides for employees.

Employee Safety, Health, and Welfare Law
The Family Medical Leave ACT (FMLA) is for eligible employees to have the privilege of taking a leave of absence for up to 12 weeks of unpaid leaving during any 12 month period. The request for a leave of absence can be for any of the following reasons: birth and care of a newborn child, a placement with an employee of a child for adoption or foster care, and when an employee is unable to work due to a serious health condition. The definition of an eligible employee is an employee who must have been employed for at least 12 months and is employed where 50 or more employees are employed by the employer within 75 miles of the workplace (Bennett-Alexander, Hartman, 2007).. If an employee requests an intermittent Family Medical Leave the employer may recommend that the employee transfer temporarily to an alternate position that the employee is qualified for and will receive the same pay. Having an employee move to this alternate position will not be as harmful to the company if the employee was out for an extended time as it would be if the original position was to remain vacant. If the employer has two employees who are married both husband and wife are maybe entitled to the 12 workweeks during the 12 month period if the leave is for the birth of a child, adoption or to care for a sick parent (Bennett-Alexander, Hartman, 2007).

If the employee is able to predict when the leave will need to be the employee must give the employer a 30 day...
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