Employee Retention Project Report

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  • Published : March 1, 2011
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1. Are you satisfied with your compensation packages?
2. do you think the compensation packages plays a critical role in retaining the employees? 3. Does the compensation package depend on the employee’s caliber?(reframe) 4. Do you think that increase in rate of salary depends on the experience of the person? 5. Whether your salary is good enough to meet your expenses?(reframe) 6. Have you rewarded for your efficient performance?(indirect) 7. Whether you are getting your periodical incentives or bonus?

1. Do you feel that your work task is challenging?(reframe) 2. Do you feel that your opinions/feedback is taken into consideration? 3. Are you more involved in your work?(reframe)
4. Do you feel that your company environment increase your involvement in job? ?(reframe) 5. Do you feel that you are overloaded with work ?(reframe) 6. It is too difficult to follow the policies and procedures of the organization?


1. There is more scope for promotional opportunities
2. Do you think your job provides more scope for promotional opportunities? 3. Whether you are motivated to attain the goal? (reframe) 4. Is your job more helpful to satisfy your needs? (reframe) 5. Is the work extracted matches your skills and promote your personal growth ?(reframe)


1. Whether the performance evaluation carried without any bias? 2. Whether your peers cooperate with you in solving official problems? 3. Do you have any ego clashes among your peers?(indirect) 4. Do you feel that there is a good relationship with your direct supervisors?(reframe) 5. Does the relationship with the subordinates directly link with the motivation of the employees? ?(reframe)
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