Employee Retention

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 Employee retention refers to policies and practices companies use to prevent valuable employees from leaving their jobs. How to retain valuable employees is one of the biggest problem that plague companies in the competitive marketplace. Not too long ago, companies accepted the "revolving door policy" as part of doing business and were quick to fill a vacant job with another eager candidate. Nowadays, businesses often find that they spend considerable time, effort, and money to train an employee only to have them develop into a valuable commodity and leave the company for greener pastures. In order to create a successful company, employers should consider as many options as possible when it comes to retaining employees, while at the same time securing their trust and loyalty so they have less of a desire to leave in the future.


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Employee retention involves taking measures to encourage employees to remain in the organization for the maximum period of time. Corporate is facing a lo of problem in employee retention these days. Hiring knowledgeable people for the job is essential for an employer. But retention is even more important than hiring. There is no dearth of opportunities for talented person. There are many organizations which are looking for such employees. If a person is not satisfied by the job he's doing, he may switch over to some other more suitable job. In today's environment it becomes very important for organizations to retain their employees. 


According to Get Les Mckeown's employee retention is define as " effective employee retention is a systematic effort by employers to create and foster an environment that encourages current employees to remain employed by having policies and practices in place that address their divers needs. Also of concern are the costs of employee turnover (including hiring costs. productivity loss). Replacement costs usually are 2.5 times the salary of the individual. The costs associated with turnover may include lost customers, business and damaged morale. In addition there are the hard costs of time spent in screening, verifying credentials, references, interviewing, hiring, and training the new employee just to get back to where you started."



Every company should understand that people are their best commodity. Without qualified people who are good at what they do, any company would be in serious trouble. In the long un, the retention of existing employees saves companies money. As Beverly Kaye and Sharon  Jordan- Evan stated in Training and Development: " Studies have found that the cost of replacing lost talent is 70 o 200 percent of that employee's annual salary. There are advertising and recruiting expenses, orientation and training of the new employee, decreased productivity until the new employee is up to speed, and loss of customers who were loyal to the departing employee. Finding, recruiting, and training the best employees represents a major investment. Once a company has captured talented people, the return-on-investment requires closing the back door to prevent them from walking out."

            When an employee leaves a company for a direct competitor, there is always a chance that they will take important business strategies and secrets with them to be explained by the competition. This is yet another reason why the retention of employees is so crucial to some businesses. While this practice seems a bit unscrupulous, it skills happens quite frequently. As Bill Leonard stated in HR Magazine: " Because employers know that the...
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