Employee Retention

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How the employee retention in educational institutions affects Organizational effectiveness


Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to put forward a framework of employee retention in the educational institutions which enables them to work for longer time periods and less chance of leaving the place. It also discusses the factors that how the retention of employee affects the organizational effectiveness. Three different levels of schools have been chosen to collect the information from the employees to analyze the organizational effectiveness. The close-ended questionnaire has been established for this purpose. The sample size of 214 will be taken. The SPSS is used to analyze the data and findings of that are given in the context. The limitation of the study is time constraint. The data collection procedure becomes very much difficult. This study is only for the education sector in developing countries like Pakistan. Key words: Leadership style, Recognition, Motivation, educational institutions.

This study is about producing and retaining human resource. Hence the research is about the study for the retention of employees in the educational sector. The educational sector is the source of producing human capital for the country which leads to economic development. The employees in that sector should be retained so that the organizational effectiveness is increased. The problem of academic staff retention is a global one which affects both developing and industrialized countries (wisdom 2006 p-11). The most critical for all; is the human resource factor. Without strengthening human resources and retaining critical skills and competencies with in any organization, other components stand to suffer. In academic institutions, the critical human capital includes academic, administrative and technical staff resources. The institutional governance, management and financial reforms undertaken as seen above will be more sustainable if there is stability in the area of human resource. (Paschal B. Mihyo 2008 p-10) The issue of academic staff attrition and retention in developing countries has been less well documented in the literature. This is because the issue tends to be subsumed under the general category of ‘brain drain’, without particular attention being devoted to it. This subsumption reflects the close relationship between the brain drain and staff retention in many countries. (wisdom 2006 p-12). The employees who are not satisfied with the organizational retention policy they tend to leave the organization. Many research shows that the employees with the higher age are less tends to leave but the lower rank employees are more tends to leave the organization. There is always a certain amount of employee turnover due retirements, promotions and career development; however specific industries and occupations experience attrition rates far greater than others. One business expert author identified ten primary reasons of the employee resigns (MacCann). * Basic financial needs not met.

* Lack of competitive salary
* Poor benefits
* Poor communication
* Negative work environment
* Lack of recognition
* Unfair treatment
* Lack of challenge in job
* Lack of job security
* Life conflicts (Gary S. Trulson p-12)
There is a vast literature on the causes of voluntary employee turnover dating back to the 1950s. By developing multivariate models that combine a number of factors contributing to turnover and empirically testing the models researchers have sought to predict why individuals leave...
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