Employee Relations

Topics: Human resource management, Management, Human resources Pages: 65 (16233 words) Published: April 16, 2010

It is a matter of honour for me to present my findings on Employee Relations. This report is an honest earnest effort to study Employee Relations as an important tool of Human Resource Management.

I got an opportunity to work at GPI for my summers which instigated initiated the idea of the project. I started with reading HRM by Ashwathapa which gave me a foundation to HUMAN RESOURCES as a function. Later I surfed the net for more specific information and browsed through a variety of HR policies of companies. It gave me a brief knowledge about Employee Relations and I formed a questionnaire for the companies I was going to research on. Some articles that caught my attention while doing research are included in my observations. To add spice to this dish, I have also scaled the practices of Employee Relations in other countries.

Since I was working at GPI, gathering information was easier compared to others. I have found some interesting insights regarding Employee Relations which are mentioned in the report.

So, with due respect to my patient readers, I welcome you to the unremitting process of Employee Relations.


|Sr. no. |TOPIC |PAGE NO. | |I |Executive summary |3 | |1 |Human Resources Management |5 | |2 |EMPLOYEE RELATIONS |8 | |2.1 |Introduction |8 | |2.2 |Overview |9 | |3 |Employee Relations in brief |11 | |3.1 |Downward Relation (employer to employees) |11 | |3.1.1 |Training and induction |11 | |3.1.2 |Benefits |12 | | |Incentives and allowance | | | |Monetary benefits | | | |Medical facilities to staff | | |3.1.3 |Safety | | |3.1.4 |Career Development |13 | |3.1.5 |Recreation facilities and stress management |13 | |3.1.6 |Collective problem solving.(bargaining) |13 | |3.1.7 |Involvement and engagement |14 | |3.1.8 | Rewards and recognition |15 | |3.2 |Upward communication (employee to employer) |15 | |3.2.1 |Feedback |15 | |3.2.2...
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