Employee Relations

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ployeeEmployee Relations Effectiveness

Matlay (1999) terms employee relations as the functions of contributory morale, productivity and motivation. All are dependent on policies being adopted that favour positive employee-employer relations. Employee relations play a vital role in the running of an organisation, as they possess the ability to determine the direction in which relationships will head. The workplace is a complex system that is prone to sudden changes of an industrial or economic nature, of which manoeuvring around it depends on the transparency and stability of employer-employee relations. Collings (2008) describes employee relations as the store house of an organisation’s job regulation. This translates to regulating the relationships in an organisation in order to keep things at a standard level and consequently knowing what to do with the repercussions if any employee relations are infringed upon. It then follows that employees and any other stakeholder in the organisation need to be informed of the rights, regulations and protocols involved with the organisation (Collings, 2008). Snape & Redman (2008) state that employee relations climate is termed via norms, attitudes and behaviours in the work environment, and are governed by procedural justice, service and leadership climate. Evidently the climate in the workplace signpost the order of interaction and subsequently its outcomes with regards to employee relations, as a certain standard is sought to be upheld. Employee relations serve as a benchmark within the organisation for all parties involved; establishing the modus operandi and staying within its guidelines, lest one ends up in contravention of the policies put into place. These policies are often concerned with the enhancement of productivity through providing a platform for harmonious work relationships. This essay will set out to prove that employee relations are not only vital for the optimum performance and efficiency of an...
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