Employee Recruitment and Selection Process at Smeda

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1. Background of the Study

As it is a pre-requisite for the students to carryout project report at the end of their Degree about any organization of their choice for bridging the gap between theory and practice. The project is documented and written in form of a report, based on theoretical and practical learning of the student. The undertaking concern of this report is to study and analyze employee recruitment and selection process at SMEDA. The researcher wants to add suggestions and recommendations through this study in the final phase of the research report to improve the current recruitment and selection process of SMEDA.

2.Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to analyze “Employee Recruitment and Selection” at SMEDA.
The primary purpose of selection activities is to prepare which job applicant will be successful if hired. During the selection process, candidates are also informed about the job and organization. The discrete selection process would include the following: initial screening interview, collection of the applications forms, employment tests, comprehensive interview, background investigation, conditional job offer, physical or medical examination and the permanent job offer.

3.Objectives of the Study

SMEDA require sound management and a high degree of technical expertise as well as competence and integrity. Recognizing that the quality of Human Resources will determine the future of the SMEDA, certain objectives have been laid down as the cornerstone of the recruitment policy that are: The highest standards of efficiency and integrity are maintained by merit being the sole criteria for selection. Induction of officers is made through a competitive process based on well-defined criteria in line with prevailing practice in the industry. The regular and permanent induction is made in officer cadre only without clerical and other non-clerical staff. The SMEDA may pay competitive remuneration in line with other institutes, to attract staff of higher professional caliber, for induction at an appropriate level.

4.Scope of the study

Employee Recruitment and Selection at SMEDA is the scope of this report. The research will reveal the actual practice of HR recruitment and selection viz a viz, what ever is stated in the policy of SMEDA. It will serve as a sound parameter for the organizations considerations on its rules and practices.

5.Problem statement
To know and analyses the recruitment and selection practices at SMEDA Peshawar 6.Research Methodology

Methodology adopted for research is through data collection, a detailed plan for the collection of data was prepared. This data collection is based both on primary and secondary data.

6.1Primary Data

ii-Discussion sessions with staff

5.2 Secondary Data

i-Website of SMEDA
iii-SMEDA Update


Firstly, the report is alienated into four sections and then these sections will be further divided into chapters. These four sections are:

Section – 1: Introduction to the Report

This section includes the following sub headings:
1.Background of the Study
2.Purpose of the Study
3.Objectives of the study
4.Scope of the Study
5.Research Methodology
6.Scheme of the Report
Section – 2: Organizational Review

This section includes the following chapters:
1.Literature Review: Recruitment and Selection Process
2.Organizational Review
3.Recruitment and Selection Process at SMEDA

Section – 3:Analysis of the Current Situation prevailing in the Organization regarding recruitment and selection

This section of the report consists of:
1.Questionnaire Analysis

Section – 4:Recommendations in order to improve the discrepancies within recruitment and selection process

This section includes:
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