Employee Recognition

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Forms of Recognition




Examples of Formal Recognition

1. Milestone Service Anniversary Awards (5,10,15,20, 25 years of service)

2. Ideas, Improvement & Performance Awards

3. Service Awards

a) Teamwork/leadership

b) Customer Service

c) Citizenship

d) Innovation

e) Attendance

4. Awards would include:

a) Plaques/Desk trophies

b) Certificates

c) Gifts/Certificates

d) Picture in the webpage

Examples of Informal Recognition

1) Team Building Retreats

2) Acknowledgement of Dept/Division goals achieved

3) Committee Involvement

4) Project Completion meals

5) Birthday cakes and cards

6) Picnics

7) Staff Appreciation Day

8) Holiday Parties

9) Dress-Up Days

10) Corporate Merchandise

11) One night sponsored at a Disco or Pub ( For individual or Teams!)

A case study on how informal recognition is being used:

“Petroleum marketers have used informal rewards to recognize their employees' good works. Chevron ( San Fransisco, CA) keeps a large box, secured with a Padlock, filled with gifts. An employee being recognized on the spot for some accomplishment is brought to the “Treasure Chest” by his or her supervisor, who holds the keys. The employee gets to choose an item from the box, which could be anything from a gift certificate, to a coupon for lunch or dinner, to movie tickets.”

Examples of Everyday Recognition

1) Communication & Interpersonal Skills workshops

2) Personal and Professional Development workshops

3) Email Thanks

4) Letter from manager or supervisors

5) Gift items

6) Thank You Notes

7) Verbal Feedback

8) Face-to-Face Thank you

9) Thank you cards (both hard copy thank you card and e-thank you card)!


1) Performance awards can also include peer-to-peer nominations ( May be called “Warm Fuzzy Nominations” or “Buddy Nomination”)


a) While peer-to-peer recognition may not be as powerful as management recognition, it helps build a strong work culture.

b) Peers work more productively with one another when they sense sincere appreciation from their colleagues for their contributions.

For nominations a form of the following format can be used: (A sample)

c) The nomination will be done by the staff

d) Award selection will be done by a Committee

e) Limited involvement of management

2) “GE Wall Of Fame” is each office of GE Money

3) Fun Event Planned for employees every month

For ex: June (Free movie passes for all ),Feb (A inter-department Cricket Match), April (A team picnic)

4) Programmes should include the 50/30/20 rule

***Research and surveys have proved that direct appreciation by the Manager and peer, in that order, goes a long way in motivating employees.

5) There can be a SPOT Award programme during a fixed interval of time

It can Include the following:

a) On-the-spot

b) Lottery

c) Forms

6) Smiling Faces programme

- Recognizes teams or departments who demonstrates values of teamwork, respect and dedication in customer Service

7) Surprise By programme

- Funds can be used to surprise random departments with treats, cookies or small gifts or goodies just to thank them for being a part of the company!

8) Informal ways to increase Motivation:

a) Personally congratulating employees who do a good job

b) Writing personal notes about good behaviour or performance

c) Using performance as the basis for promotion

d) Publicly recognizing employees for good performance, and

e) Holding morale-building meetings to celebrate successes.

f) Naming a program after your employees

g) Keeping the work environment fun ( This doesn't mean that business doesn't get done, just that its enjoyable to be there)

9) Some more inexpensive ways to reward the employees!

a) Ask for advice

b) Reward with a Goodie bag...
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