Employee Productivity

Topics: Smartphone, Personal digital assistant, Mobile phone Pages: 39 (15209 words) Published: April 26, 2013
By, Evans Mbogo


This thesis explores the notion of whether the numerous applications in mobile, tablets and PDA platforms are definitely increasing the performance in a working environment despite their usage, portability and the alarming utilization of these gadgets for day to day purposes. Prospective business related mobile technology applications are deliberated. With the creation of multi-billion dollar markets through these platforms, we have scientifically researched through empirical data and surveys to prove if the notion is refuted or accepted. Keywords: Productivity, Mobile Business application, Smartphone in a working environment

Table of Contents
Background Information3
Mobile Market Analysis4
Application Virality5
Internal environment7
Empirical Data9
Literature Review11
Mobile App Usage12
Gratification Research15
Technology Acceptance Model18
Domestication Research20
Innovation Diffusion21
Conceptual Framework28
Research Problem & Discussion30
Frame of Reference33
Research Approach35
Quantitative Vs. Qualitative35
Research Strategy37
Sample Selection37
Data Collection Methods38
Empirical Data38
Growth of App Downloads38
Integration of Apps into Daily Routine39
Variety of App Usage39
Integration of Apps into Daily Routine40
Willingness to Invest42
Current Findings43
Data Analysis47
The Purpose of Using Apps47
The General Ramifications48
Theory Meets Research49
Conclusions and Recommendations50
Future Insights51

Background Information

Technology is approaching another generation whereby mobile application generation is a paved way by the generation of desktop system and application. Factoring in Internet to the equation of this matter, portable handheld devices like Smartphones has revolutionized people’s communication and information consumption means and methods, which is consequently suggested that this trend can improve the productivity of employees when implemented in their working environment. The ability to tap information anywhere regardless of the time on these handheld gadgets may increase or destroy the working environment since, quick information access means quick decision making while on the other hand interesting and eye catching contents brings a concentration shift as a result (Perry et al, 2007). A transformation is taking place in the business world since the somewhat successful business systems and applications that were utilized on a personal computer have been effectively established handheld device platform version that can simply be accessed by users on the move. This advancement has generally eclipsed desktop application versions therefore inviting the intelligence of mobile fresh era. Business analytics and information convergence the technology brought by handheld devices is said to be empowering the business individuals in the most unique manner unlike never before (Perry et al, 2007). Mobile Market Analysis

This market analysis is based on Smartphone specifically because the business industry has shown great interest due to the “I want everything inside my gadget” user attitude. The so-called potential Operating system’s modernization made people skeptical about it but later on it turned out to a multi-billion dollar business. All the telecommunication electronic firms; Google, Nokia, Apple, Microsoft and Blackberry wanted a share of the Smartphone pie. In today’s market, users are beyond the calling and receiving call demand of phones instead they typically make their choice as to what access capacity a mobile gadget can give. Smartphone have therefore revealed a confident global growth. In the 2012 fourth quarter, a shipment of 219.4 million Smartphone units was realized, which grasped 45.5% of...
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