Employee Privacy and How It Varies

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  • Published : October 24, 2011
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Employee Privacy
October 24, 2011

Employee Privacy
Privacy practices vary from employer to employer, but overall most companies to have rules and regulations that employees must follow. The employees do have rights, but they as well as their employers must be aware of the laws regulating employee e-mail and internet privacy. Employees and Employers have common misconceptions about privacy in the workplace. The Best Western Plus in McCall, Idaho does not track the use of e-mails or internet use. However, the company does cover their rules of e-mail and internet use in the company handbook. Employees are only allowed to access e-mail when it is related to the hotel. The hotel has a company e-mail which is used for intra-office communications as well as communications with guests and vendors. The only exception to this is if the management has a personal memo or other correspondence that they are sending to an employee. We are then informed to check our personal e-mail and respond accordingly. Internet use is prohibited if it is for personal use; it is only allowed when it is business related. The company computers are for business use only and if an employee is found using them for personal reason, like surfing the web or using Facebook, that employee can be fired without further notice. Some of the employees are students and they are allowed to bring laptops for school purposes only. If they abuse the privilege in anyway they will no longer be allowed to bring their personal laptop to work. There are occasions when the management allows the employees to show each other personal items on the internet; but it is under management supervision. Employee privacy rights depend on whether the employee works for the government or in the private sector. Most employees try to stand on the 4th amendment, but this amendment protects American citizens from the government. The 4th amendment does not necessarily have guidelines for the private...
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