Employee Portfolio: Motivational Action Plan

Topics: Motivation, Emotional intelligence, Management Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Employee Portfolio: Motivational Action Plan
Maenell Hendricks
MGT/311: Organizational Development
February 1, 2012
Ron Bolender

For many years, a variety of motivation theories have advanced, which the most important motivational strategies are the ones that influences workplace alignment. After assessing all three direct reports at Riordan, a facilitated process has been created to gain an understanding of the company’s mission, intent, vision, values, expectations, objectives, and employee needs. The employees will be asked how these components fit with the outlook on the company’s impending success, and their perspective on their individual future success. When one’s job is interesting, challenging, and consist of increasing responsibility, employees are more motivated in the workplace. After each assessment was reviewed, the results showed that all three employees’ possess different characteristics, behaviors, and needs.

Elliot Revels demonstrates the ability to execute his daily tasks and a thorough understanding of the company’s policies, systems, and processes. However, from a behavioral aspect, Elliot struggles with speaking up and acts in an unsure manner when facilitating team meetings. This form of behavior could prevent Elliot from leading important department projects. He makes deliberate decisions due to a high emotional intelligence level. The motivational plan created for Elliot aims toward building confidence and leadership skills. Empowering Elliot with the authority to make critical decisions in regards to department projects will help increase his self-confidence.

Although Anna Hyatt possesses very strong written communication skills, her assessment reveals that she isn’t as motivated, and finds it difficult to control her emotions due to having a very high emotional level. Anna’s assessment showed that she possesses the personality of the facilitator, and seeks to please everyone. Recognition and opportunity for...
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