Employee Portfolio Management Plan

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Employee Portfolio: Management Plan|
MGT 311|

As a manager at Riordan Manufacturing, it is my duty to implement methods to assist in managing the employees. Three employees were chosen to complete self-assessments to classify the best methods to assist in managing them. Each employee took How Satisfied I Am with My Job?, What's My Emotional Intelligence Score?, and Am I Deliberate Decision Maker?. After the assessments, an “Employee Portfolio” was established. The portfolio can make suggestions for helping the employees grow within the organization. The suggestions include sanctions for supplemental assessments, and each employee’s traits are assessed to illustrate how they’ll be advantageous regarding the operation of the organization. The three employees selected for the assessments were Andy McClaren, Ji Li, and Khanh Lam. Andy showed a general satisfaction with his daily job. To augment job satisfaction, the management team must present their gratitude of Andy’s achievements in the workplace. They must also create new opportunities for him to succeed. The job satisfaction score was merely average, so it is suggested that Andy complete How Are You Feeling Right Now?. This assessment will pinpoint if Andy is going through job dissatisfaction or life dissatisfaction. By completing this assessment, the management team will be able to keep assisting Andy to improve job satisfaction. Ji Li also scored an average in job satisfaction. To increase satisfaction, the management team has suggested a promotion for Ji. The new position will permit Ji to utilize his decision-making abilities and manage his department. But prior to the promotion, the management team has suggested that Ji complete Am I Engaged?. This assessment will show that Ji has the abilities required to satisfy the new position. Khanh Lam possess a very high satisfaction of her job. This illustrates that she loves what she does every day. However, Khanh garnered a low score on the Emotional...
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